About Me!


Hi I’m Jess!

I’m a nineteen year old college student with a passion for baking and cooking. I’m devoted to living a healthy lifestyle without dieting or restricting food choices! I’m a former ballet dancer with lots of knowledge in proper and improper nutrition.
When I was fifteen, attention was drawn to my weight. Being an aspiring ballet dancer put a lot of pressure on my body physically and mentally. I started to view myself as overweight, fat, ugly, and so much worse. I went down a very scary, dangerous path of poor eating habits. I restricted and controlled my diet to the point of barely allowing myself to eat.  I only ate the same things everyday, and only if I knew the exact nutritional contents. Calorie counting became an obsession, and I would severely limit my food choices because nothing was “healthy” enough for me. I lost a lot of weight and quickly developed an eating disorder.  For about two years, I struggled intensely with my eating disorder.  I would go through periods of starvation and then periods of bingeing.  Finally, I couldn’t handle it anymore and decided to seek help. I started in out patient therapy.  I saw a nutritionist regularly, and I was able to gain back weight and develop safe habits, but I still haven’t recovered from the body distortion that follows an eating disorder. I work everyday to tell myself I’m beautiful and a healthy weight. I’ve relearned what “healthy” means and have been able to understand the importance of wholesome foods to fuel the body. Everyday is a struggle for me, even now, a whole year post recovery.

I wanted to start this blog as a way to share the healthy recipes that I have learned and the good, safe habits I have developed.  This blog has helped me so much in my path to recovery.  Not only does it help me understand what is in my food and that it is okay to eat it, but it makes me realize that food can be enjoyable. Sharing all my information in one place is a way to conquer my eating disorder and remind myself that food can be not only yummy, but healthy too.

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14 thoughts on “About Me!

  1. Hi Jess, it sounds as if you have a wonderful and supportive community and family around you but that most importantly YOU recognise your issues. I wish you all the best in keeping on this path – well done!

  2. I’m so glad I found your blog! You have a lot to be proud of with how far you’ve come in everything. I look forward to seeing more of your recipes, I’m loving them already! 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh, kudos to you for speaking the truth about your life and turning your “unhealthy” obsession into a creative outlet for you via this blog. Great work, and at such a young age!!!!

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