Dorms, Bedding and other tips


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Dorm life is quickly approaching for me and I’ve been searching for some good bedding and linens to take to college. The most important thing I want when I go away is to feel like I can create a home away from home.  I want my room and bed to be as comfortable and cozy as possible.  I was approached by Parachute, a bedding company, and after looking at all their designs, I definitely think this is the right place to start my shopping!  Today is their White Linen Launch, which is a new line of their linen products.  These linens are inspired by summer and goes beautifully with their existing collections.  Another thing that is attracting me to their products is that they are light and breathable, which is perfect for hot weather.  This will definitely be a help to me because I’m going south for college!

For anyone looking, the products can be sold together or as separates, so you can pick and choose which products you want.  The link to their bedding page is here.

The other fantastic thing about this brand is that for every Venice Set sold, they send one life saving bedding net to someone in need. Parachute is partnered with Nothing but Nets, which is an organization dedicated to providing safe sleep nets to people in need.  In parts of the world where malaria is present, a bed net has the ability to reduce infection by 90%.  These bed nets are saving peoples lives.  I love that I can feel that if I buy my bedding from this company, I am also helping someone else in the world.

I love home decor and being able to make a room your own with decorations.  I have paintings of Paris covering my room at home, and down the shore, I have pictures of the beach to compliment the ocean vibe of the Jersey Shore.  Being comfortable in a place coincides with decor and furniture.  Although people may not think it, bedding has a huge place in loving your home and space.  The right sheets and comforter cannot only enhance your sleep but can also brighten your room. I’m definitely considering bedding products from Parachute and looking forward to decorating my dorm room!




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