Tips for Food and Vacation

Vacation is the time for food, fun, good times and sharing memories with family and friends. Sometimes it can be very stressful to handle eating and dieting on a vacation. While I don’t completely agree with strict diets, I can understand wanting to maintain eating healthy while still enjoying your holiday. For me, health is just a part of my life. I love eating healthy as much as I love eating junk. This being said, it is can be easier for me to make decisions at meal times when it comes to choosing healthy meals.  I definitely indulge (probably much more than I should haha) but I also genuinely love salads and vegetables.  For some people, this is not the case, and eating healthy is a big commitment.  Whatever your situation, you can always enjoy your vacation and make wise food choices, so I decided to write out 5 tips I found while vacationing the past few days…

1. Eat a Light Breakfast

While it may be hard to avoid the bacon egg and cheese or chocolate croissant, the rest of your day will most likely be filled with junk, so maybe keep breakfast a bit lighter.  Stick with yogurt, fruit, granola, cereal, or a small pastry.  Not overloading at breakfast can save some valuable calories.

2. Snack

Yes, I know this is usually told to be a bad thing, but definitely snack throughout the day.  If you go to each meal starving, you’ll likely eat way more than you need or want.  Then, you’ll just be left feeling sick. I was recently just in Disney World.  We would usually stop for a mid morning coffee and fruit at one of their little cafes in the park after a few rides.  I recommend either this strategy or just packing a small snack.  You don’t want to be hungry while going on rides, or whatever your plans are.

3. Indulge!

Do not skip the dessert or ice cream.  You’re on vacation! Let yourself indulge.  Just relax and let loose and break the diet.  You’ll be sad if you don’t and this could possibly lead to a big binge later.

4. Keep Lunch Lighter too

I found that keeping lunch on the lighter side such as soups and sandwiches definitely helped.  If you eat a really heavy meal for lunch, it can set you back for dinner.  Also, depending on what your doing it could hold you back from some activities. If you’re at an amusement park, eating a pasta dish for lunch may not be the best idea if you’re planning on going on a roller coaster.  I’m not saying don’t eat or just eat salads.  Just don’t overdo lunch. You want to save room for a lovely dinner and you don’t want to feel too stuffed for the rest of your day.

5. Bring your own food to the Airport

Airport food is expensive.  If your flying, think about packing some snacks in your carryon.  The worst is being starving and waiting for your flight, then having to spend four dollars for a water and seven dollars for a bag of chips.  Avoid an unnecessary expense by thinking about your travel plans ahead.  If your flight is late at night, maybe eat before or make sure you have food for when you land.

I’ve been traveling a lot these past months, and there have been multiple times where we landed late and the only thing open was a Seven Eleven for dinner…don’t let that happen haha.

I am a firm believer in moderation and I really don’t support dieting.  I believe in eating healthy and developing a plan for your own body.  This being said, these are just tips I have found to be helpful in my own travels and vacation. The best plan is to just enjoy your holiday though! Indulge and relax, thats what summer and vacation are for! 🙂

Hopefully you found this helpful!




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